Saturday, December 3, 2016

Introducing Power Cardio

There is a constant debate about the healthiest way to lose weight. While by now everyone knows that you have to combine exercise with a healthy and sensible nutrition plan there are differing opinions about the best workout plan. On one side are the people who believe the only way to lose weight is by pure cardio while another group believes strength training is the most effective way. I believe the answer is in the middle and here is why.

Strength training with intervals of endurance training is far more effective than traditional cardio.

According to an article by Nate Myaki. “ Many who focus on just calories and the "slash and dash" mentality end up with destructive patterns – extreme calorie cuts and/or excessive aerobics. This sets off an alarm state in the body where the body sheds muscle tissue to lessen energy demands and stores/hoards body fat as a survival response. Once this physiological state is reached, it becomes impossible to lose any more fat no matter how many calories you cut or how much aerobic work you try and add. What you end up with is someone who's on starvation level calories and performing excessive exercise, yet is still flabby.”

On the strength training side while burn calories at about the same rate with cardio and weight training you stop burning calories when your cardio workout ends. However your body continues to burn calories up to 2 days after your strength training workout this is commonly referred to as the “after burner effect”. Aerobic workouts also increase levels of cortisol which can cause the body to use muscle tissue as fuel and store more body fat.

 Myaki also says
“Strength training raises cortisol levels, but it also raises testosterone and growth hormone – potent muscle building and fat burning hormones that offset cortisol. The net hormonal effect (assuming proper dietary support) is protein synthesis or lean muscle gain. “
Bottom line is the more lean muscle mass you have the healthier you will feel your entire body and internal organs will work far more efficiently and this is what will improve both the quality and longevity of your life.

My answer to this is a workout routine I call POWER CARDIO. This workout combines several strength and endurance exercises in an extremely intense and efficient 20 to 30 minute session.

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