Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In my previous blog I talked about the epidemic of obesity and no matter what your situation is it is not hopeless. You can do something about it. First of all you have to start where you are and improve from there. At first it is extremely difficult you will be very sore after each training session however it will get better after a couple of weeks.

Strength training and a sensible nutrition plan is the most efficient method of losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass. Lets compare strength training with cardio.

You will burn about 10 calories per minute strength training as opposed to around 12 calories per minute on a treadmill or cardio equipment. However you continue to burn calories after your strength training workout. According to exercise physiologist Mike Bracko of Calgary, Alberta. "But when you strength train, your body is like, 'Whoa, this is a lot different!'" And that "whoa" takes you about an hour to recover from—burning an extra 25 percent on top of the calories you torched during your workout. That means if you burn 160 calories doing a 20-minute strength circuit, you'll actually burn 200 by the time you've gone on with your day."

According to Dr. Wayne Westcott" your metabolism stays elevated by at least 10% for thee days after you lift as your body repairs the micro traumas in your muscles."

I'm telling its never too late to get started call Basic Iron LLC now.

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